Merchant Spotlight: Miracle Tree Tea

After a small hiatus over the holidays and updating the Eat Love Give marketplace, we are so excited to bring back our Merchant Spotlight series! To kick off our first feature of the new year, we are excited to bring you the story of one of our more unique companies Miracle Tree Tea!

2019 Group

Tell us a little bit about Miracle Tree Tea!

Miracle Tree is a family-owned superfood brand which sources quality herbal teas and powders that all feature unique and attractive nutritional profiles. We first decided to focus on moringa, the emerging superfood trend of 2018! Every decision made in our company begins with an un-compromised focus on our customer’s wellbeing and happiness. Our number one priority is to inspire our consumers to discover nutritionally exceptional organic superfoods – enjoyed as teas or through smoothies and snacks! Of course, that helps drive a lot of what we do and keeps us focused on creating an amazing tasting and high quality product.

What inspires your products and the flavors you come up with?

At the beginning we sought to create nutritionally-exceptional teas and powders without any additives or added-sugars products .  It’s quite a challenge especially when you consider that superfoods like moringa have a distinct taste profile (in its raw form, think of it like a horseradish shrub or a dry spinach).  In addition, we also wanted to satisfy every taste profile and preference for even the most refined tea drinker. With that as our guiding principle, coupled with our mission to promote healthier lifestyles, having a low impact on our environment and high social impact on our producer communities, we sought to create superfood teas that are delicately blended to promote a calming sense with every sip that also features more antioxidants than even matcha.

2018 Group Herbal Tea

Can you tell us a little about the Moringa Tree and all of its benefits?

Moringa is widely regarded as one of the most nutrient-dense plants and is known world-wide as the Miracle Tree.  Native to South Asia, studies show that Moringa leaves contain more than 90 different nutrients including 47 antioxidants, all 9 essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.  Moringa can be used worldwide to help combat against malnutrition, and many countries from Africa and South America have adopted the plant as awareness about its nutritional properties.  Excitement around moringa is growing, and we’re really glad that more consumers are starting to discover this amazing superfood!

What’s your favorite product that you currently make and sell?

We are very excited about our most recent launch of Superfood Energy Infusion Teas.  The range has 5 unique flavors including Orange Passionfruit, Cherry Chamomile, Vanilla Oolong Grape, Green Tea with Ginger/Lemon, and Chai that reach a vast array of tastes. They are packed with amazing taste and also super-caffeinated to help create an organic ‘Coffee Alternative’ space.  Our superfood energy infusions will attract consumers who want the option for a healthy coffee alternative or to replace sugary energy drinks.  The teas taste amazing and have all the superfood qualities of Moringa as well.  We want everyone to try these energy moringa teas because we feel that once you see the difference (the clean uplift without the jitters), you’ll never want another cup of coffee again.


Are there any specific charitable organizations that Miracle Tree Tea works with?

At Miracle Tree, charity and community well-being in foundational to everything we do.  For us, we have worked very closely with charities in the fight against Hunger and Food Insecurity, primarily in the US and with a special focus on areas which have recently been impacted by natural disasters.  While we do focus a lot of energy in Florida (where we are based), we have also worked with charities in North Carolina and Texas, including Feeding South Florida, the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, and the Rebuild Texas Fund.  We are currently looking for ways to build a stronger social connection to our producer communities and this will be a top priority for us moving forward!

What does the future hold for Miracle Tree Tea?

The team at Miracle Tree is building a lot of new and exciting products, including new herbal teas and infusions.  In 2019, we’re expanding our ranges beyond just moringa, with a focus on nutritionally exceptional foods (herbs, fruits, flowers, and more).  We will be introducing these as herbal powders (including Maca, Cacao, Lucuma, Camu Camu, and more), but also will be looking to achieve these in the tea format.  It represents a large leap forward in our focus and will give us even more opportunities to connect with our customers.

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Please note, statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Miracle Tree® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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