Our Seventeenth Donation

Our marketplace isn’t just a curation of delicious and unique foods; it’s also a community of wonderful merchants who put their hearts and soul into their brands. One thing that we love about all of the companies that have joined the Eat Love Give family is that they are just as passionate about helping out and giving back as we are.

The lovely Rebecca Scott of Sustainable Snacks told us that she and the Sustainable Snacks team are heavily involved with the Bronx community, which is the poorest congressional district in the country and the least healthy county in New York State for nine years in a row. They lead nutrition education workshops as part of their social responsibility, and they also sell their products at a reduced price point to increase access to better-for-you options in the community. Rebecca also works with a number of wonderful organizations that work to empower the Bronx — and other underserved areas of NYC, including the New Settlement Community Center, which is where we have made our latest donation to.

Founded in 1989 the New Settlement Community Center “collaborates with community residents and develops partnerships to create services and opportunities that celebrate the inherent dignity and potential of individuals and families.” They “launched a range of community-based services in education, college access, youth development, arts, workforce development, community organizing, wellness and other key services that provide important resources to the neighborhood’s youth and families.”

The New Settlement Community Center also offers a wide variety of programs for children, students, and parents that range from after school programs to housing, helping fight food injustice and more. The New Settlement Community Center helps out so many people, in so many different ways, we knew that this was a charity that we had to give back to.

You can read more about their mission on their website here.

Thanks again for being a part our journey as we strive to help out those around us.

And remember to always Eat well, Love more, and Give back.

Nelson Nunes,
Founder of Eat Love Give &

EatLoveGive Signature

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