Our Sixteenth Donation

I started Eat Love Give with two goals in mind: to create a platform that would allow people to launch and sustain a business from their home and to give back to those in need. 

There is a long list of charities that we want (and plan) to work with through Eat Love Give, and many that Eat Love Give has already been able to donate to. But sometimes, life happens. Since launching Eat Love Give, there have been numerous natural disasters that occurred, and we knew we had to give back to an organization that was helping out those that needed immediate help. With the longest running government shutdown in history taking place, it was obvious that we had to do our part to help out those being affected during this time. 

We made our latest donation to #ChefsForFeds, an organization that’s helping out the over 800,000 federal workers that have been impacted by the shutdown. #ChefsForFeds has teamed up with restaurants, food trucks, chefs and more across the country to help provide free meals for government employees and their families. Many of these employees have continued to work during the partial shutdown without pay, and those that aren’t working are also not receiving their usual income. While they are struggling to make ends meet, #ChefsForFeds is doing their best to help eliminate the stress of making sure that they are fed. 

#ChefsForFeds was launched by restaurateur Jose Andrews non-profit organization World Central Kitchen, which helps “provides food for disaster victims around the world.” You can learn more about this amazing company and find out what locations are helping out government workers in your area on their site here

I appreciate each and every one of you, both our dear merchants and our consumers, for helping my dream become a reality. And since you’re helping me achieve mine, I’d like to try and repay the favor to you. Drop us a line, send us an email, reach out to us on social media – let us know what organizations are important to you so we can add them to our ongoing list. 

And as we continue to move forward in 2019, remember to always Eat well, Love more, and Give back. 

Nelson Nunes, Founder of Eat Love Give &
EatLoveGive Signature

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