Our Fifteenth Donation

There are hundreds of thousands of organizations and charities that are all seeking to help better this world, one way or another. We are so grateful that our marketplace has already given us the opportunity to work with a small handful of them, and we look forward to connecting with many many more in the near future. 

When I first launched Eat Love Give, it was my dream to be able to create a platform where people could not only share their passion of cooking with others, but also launch a sustainable business doing so. In the same sense as how people could make a living driving others around, a la Uber, why couldn’t they do it from their own kitchen? 

Enter the COOK Alliance, the leading voice for home food entrepreneurs in the United States. The COOK Alliance not only helps food entrepreneurs, but they also help get legislations passed that make it legal for people to do just that. They recently helped get Assembly Bill 626 (AB 626) passed in California, which will now allow “the small-scale sale of meals from home kitchens,” which you can read more about on our previous blog post here.  

The COOK Alliance supports “economic inclusivity, public safety, and a new avenue to entrepreneurship for people historically without one.” With the passing of AB 626, there are more opportunities now than ever for people to generate a substantial income doing something that they are not only good at, but also passionate about. I am hopeful that Eat Love Give will be a launching pad for many careers. 

You can read more about how the COOK Alliance successfully helped get AB 626 passed and their plans for the future on their site here

I am looking forward to working with this amazing company this year and introducing our community to these amazing cooks. 


But for now, remember to always Eat well, Love more, and Give back. 

Nelson Nunes, 
Founder of Eat Love Give & 
EatLoveGive Signature

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