Our Thirteenth Donation

We’re one! We couldn’t have made it this far without each and every one of you, so thank you for being a part of our journey! 

As you know, our thirteenth donation means we have been making donations to different charities for a whole year now. We continue to be inspired by you all, and want you to know that our mission to help give back to those in need would not be possible without you. We have chosen to make our latest donation to Share our Strength, after being introduce to it by Kat Shin of Kat Eats LA. You can read her inspiring story of how she personally became involved with this charity and more here

Share our Strength was started in 1984 as a response to the famine in Ethiopia and has since continued to grow and expand, launching numerous programs and missions to help end hunger and poverty. You might already be familiar with a few of these programs, such as Charge Against Hunger, Cooking Matters, Community Wealth Partners No Kid Hungry, and most recently Chef Cycles.

Since the launch of Cooking Matters, over 460,000 families have learned how to shop for and cook healthier meals, No Kid Hungry has provided over 775 million meals to children, and Community Wealth Partners have teamed up with over 500 organizations. Last year alone, Share our Strength was able to provide $550 thousand to disaster relief funds, and they’ve also made over $14 million in grants to overseas support. 

We know that a donation to Share our Strength will be used for an amazing cause, no matter what part of the organization it goes towards. We are so excited to be a part of their mission to help end poverty and hunger and hope we can continue to do so as we grow and expand our marketplace. Head on over to Share our Strength to learn more about this amazing company and how you can get involved. 

And remember to always Eat well, Love more and Give back. 

Nelson Nunes, 
Founder of Eat Love Give &
EatLoveGive Signature

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