Merchant Spotlight: Mamie’s Pies

We strive to build a community and family of likeminded people at Eat Love Give: those who not only love to try out delicious new foods but who also care about giving back and helping out those less fortunate.

We have been lucky enough to start this movement by having all of our amazing merchants and consumer believe in us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support. As we’ve have continued to grow, evolve and  get to know our merchants over these past few months, weeks, and even days, we continue to be inspired by them and the amazing companies they have created.

We have decided to launch a ‘Merchant Spotlights’ feature on our blog so that we can share these amazing stories and ventures with the rest of the Eat Love Give family. So with that, we’d like to introduce you to our first ever feature: Mamie’s Pies!



Tell us a little bit about yourself! What inspired you to start this journey and what is your mission behind it?

Pie making has always been a tradition in Kara’s family. Recipes were passed down from her great grandmother, to her nana and then to her mum Mamie. In 2012, when her daughter’s high school winter formal was cancelled because of lack of funding, Kara decided she would make her family’s apple pies for the class to sell and fund their event.  The fundraiser was a huge success and Kara then found herself taking orders from the local grocery stores – Mamie’s Pies was in business. Kara quickly realized she needed to take this seasonal business and turn it into year round business; enter the creation of MAMIE’S POCKET PIES! 

Mamie’s pocket pies are the single serving version of our large pies. Customers wanted the same great taste and flaky crust but in an individual serving to be enjoyed any time of year!

Our mission is to spread happiness through pie. Pie makes everyone happy!


What is unique about the product you are selling on ELG?

The pocket pies we sell on ELG are in a league of their own. This product is something consumers have never seen before, reshaped for the ever-changing consumer lifestyle. Our pies are created with only simple, classic, ingredients maintaining the authentic pie flavor you know and love without preservatives. 

We are proud to say our pocket pies are non GMO, Kosher, and use only sustainably sourced vegetable shortening. 

What is your favorite product that you currently make and sell?

The apple pocket pie is a classic and our most popular, but introducing my grandmother’s other fruit pie recipes have allowed us to reach every consumer with multiple flavor profiles that range from tart to sweet and everything in between. With the introduction of our blueberry pie that are full of wild Maine blueberries, we think it takes the “pie” for our favorite 😉. 


What roadblocks did you encounter when you got started?

We started our business with the classic 9 inch pies that are typically only enjoyed around the holiday season. We first struggled with the seasonality of the business and creating the individual serving pocket pie changed everything for us.

As a single mom with three kids, our founder Kara struggled to find time to be mom, entrepreneur, carpool driver, cook, and still get a few hours of sleep. The good news was, with three kids, there were a lot of extra hands for making pocket pies. 

Are there any specific charitable organizations that you work with?/Are there any you would like to work with in the near future?

We currently work with Roots of Peace, an organization that is focused around removing land mines from war torn countries, replacing them with orchards and grape vines so the farmers can once again farm their own land. Now that we are partnering with ELG, we get to play a small role in helping the organizations that they support. Their message is something that we can really get on board with. You don’t have to be a huge corporation to make a difference.


If you could change one thing about your company what would it be?

Actually, we wouldn’t change anything! No matter where you start or how long it takes, it’s all about the journey… and we are enjoying every minute of it!

What does the future hold for your company?

The future holds a world where pie isn’t just for special occasions, but enjoyed every day for all life’s moments!

Click here to shop a variety of delicious flavors from Mamie’s Pies on marketplace today! 


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